Hi, I’m Page Wood.

In 1993, my mom found a Pacific Northwest shed (yes, a shed) in the woods on a 10 acre property. She drug my dad and two older sisters there, down a haunted quarter mile drive, with a dream to build a home and future. Somehow they agreed to it… was it the fact that she was five months pregnant with me and they were afraid for their lives? Well, they should have been, because the road ahead was going to be rough… and muddy. With three young girls, my parents somehow build a house from their bare hands and zero running water or electricity.

Even for the ’90s, our childhood was less than normal. Some aspects of this upbringing were very hard, but as the youngest, most of my memories are the magical ones. The moments filled with playing pretend for endless hours between the fern and evergreen.

Over the next 25 years, my dad built up the property in big ways. The most evident being a classic red barn and a wide open pasture. The beautiful touches of my mom’s creativity remained with her garden and hand laid walkway.

In 2018, my dad was ready for a new lifestyle. Luckily for me, I was in a good place to take over the house with my long term boyfriend, Charlie, whom I had met while earning my college degree at UW five years prior.

Back in 2013, at the end of a closing shift at Whole Foods, with gauges in his ears and Vans on my feet, we were awkwardly headed to the time clock when he asked me my name. That same night, he added me on the good ‘ol Facebook and we talked endlessly about music. We connected like a hipster and La Croix, and couldn’t get enough. Almost instantly, we spent every day together, which turned into nights too. Only a couple months in, we actually felt comfortable enough to get our first place together. I know that seems wild, and believe me when I say, it was not something I would have ever seen myself doing. It was true (this time) when people always say, that you’ll know when it’s right.

Fast forward to 2018 again, after 3 different apartments, adopting our American Eskimo Gizmo, and upgrading our careers – we got ready to move our lives from 550 sq ft Seattle living to the house on 10 acres. It was a big and scary change, but we embraced it with plans to elope at the Hoh Rainforest and start a family. Before any of that happened, we found out that I was already pregnant!

I guess you could say that we like to experience change full-force, but doing it together makes life challenges that much more fun. Not to say that every adventure we have had is perfect, we have both had times of depression in the past years, but we come out through every major lesson stronger through interests we have found together such as yoga, meditation, hiking, and trail running.

We eloped at Chambers Bay early 2019 and had our breathtaking boy, Rainer, a month later. It’s felt like everything has come full-circle. The same property that my parents moved to when my mom was pregnant with me, is the same home we are sharing monumental stages of our own.

This website was created to document our lessons, progress, as well as setbacks. I am a huge lover of film and really all forms of personal and creative outlets. My thought is, why not be open about our journey to others who may be seeking someone to relate to or motivation to step out of their comfort zone too?

Welcome to The Ten Acre Wood.

Thank you for joining us, I hope we can share an adventure with you.