Ep 36: Trigger Warning – Sexual Trauma

Trigger Warning: Sexual Trauma

This episode starts out light and ends up being the first to turn into tears. It’s really hard to share this publicly, but we feel it’s important to be a part of the change we want to see for our kids. Listen as we find ourselves discussing the hardest topic thus far since starting this process. It’s a hard, but necessary conversation and we hope it may give you strength to share your own story. Even if these discussions don’t start out the way you’d hope, we as humans have to give others the chance to learn and grow with us. To be continued after reflection.

Ep 35: Masturbation & Creation

Episode 35 is a juicy one! We get REAL about masturbation & porn. We also discuss hiding behind texting and getting our creative minds into action… let’s get it!

Ep 34: Separating Art from the Artist

On episode 34, we discuss the HBO docu-series on the Woody Allen trial, the new sexual allegation​s against Deshaun Watson, and how these cases have provided us with a lot of questions regarding separating art from the artist. There’s a lot to unpack and look within.

Ep 33: Move, Baby, Move!

On episode 33, we talk about anxiety’s of getting ready for baby’s arrival, the bizarre experience of people looking at and touching your stomach while pregnant, different forms of self-doubt, and much more!

Ep 29: How are you REALLY feeling?

On our 29th episode, we talk about childhood things, how generations now will respond to their perfected baby photos, how we are REALLY feeling about having another baby, and more.

Ep 26: We’re Having Another Baby!

We were gone for a couple weeks… because mama has been feeling sick. That’s right – we’re having another baby! We’re already rusty, but we are back… again! Let’s catch up.