Ep 38: Awkward Encounters

This weeks topics include socially awkward moments both in public and online. We also discuss thoughts following watching the several new docu-series “Q: Into the Storm”, Demi Lovato’s “Dancing with the Devil”, Mark Wahlberg’s “Wahl Street, and “American Hustle”. There seems to be a human pattern of going between dreaming, believing, and reality.

Ep 37: Fake Famous

This week we discuss the new HBO documentary, “Fake Famous”, our thoughts listening back to last weeks tough conversation, opening up about our labor experience for awareness, our first experience of taking our kid to the emergency room, & more.

Ep 35: Masturbation & Creation

Episode 35 is a juicy one! We get REAL about masturbation & porn. We also discuss hiding behind texting and getting our creative minds into action… let’s get it!

Ep 34: Separating Art from the Artist

On episode 34, we discuss the HBO docu-series on the Woody Allen trial, the new sexual allegation​s against Deshaun Watson, and how these cases have provided us with a lot of questions regarding separating art from the artist. There’s a lot to unpack and look within.

Ep 33: Move, Baby, Move!

On episode 33, we talk about anxiety’s of getting ready for baby’s arrival, the bizarre experience of people looking at and touching your stomach while pregnant, different forms of self-doubt, and much more!

Ep 32: Seasons of Life

This week we air out our previous weeks’ slump and how it relates to the seasons of life. Other topics include women’s obsession with murder stories, the reminiscing brought on by coming-of-age and comedy series, the things we are nervous about but want to teach our kids, and more.

Ep 31: Super Fans

This week we discuss Chris Delia’s apology video, cancel culture, our fascination with super fans & trolls, as well as how we feel about our present day “success”.

Ep 30: The Afterlife, Vivid Dreams & Other Big Mysteries

It’s the 30th episode! We go from laughing about vivid pregnancy dreams to the big questions of life & what comes after it. Join in & let us know what you think. In the words of Joe Rogan, “It’s entirely possible!”

Ep 29: How are you REALLY feeling?

On our 29th episode, we talk about childhood things, how generations now will respond to their perfected baby photos, how we are REALLY feeling about having another baby, and more.

Ep 27: Get Your Notebook

For the last episode of 2020, we talk about laziness, motivation, and other contradictions. Is the sought after go-go-go lifestyle a thing of the past? Will general etiquette improve from the pandemic? Let’s discuss.

Ep 26: We’re Having Another Baby!

We were gone for a couple weeks… because mama has been feeling sick. That’s right – we’re having another baby! We’re already rusty, but we are back… again! Let’s catch up.

Ep 25: Enjoy the Journey, Avoid the Cults

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Ep 25: Enjoy the Journey, Avoid the Cult
On episode 25, we talk about our thoughts so far on the new docu-series, “The Vow,” regarding the NXIVM cult, other multi-level marketing communities, the cult-mentality as well as the vulnerable victims who join them. & of course much more!

Ep 24: Embarrassed for no Reason

Well… this isn’t our best episode, but this is real life. Listen as we fight through embarrassing feelings of inadequacy and social anxiety… even through the microphone.

Ep 23: Picture in a Picture

On the 23rd episode, we share the results of Charlie’s COVID test, how every corporation might as well be called a cult, and whether it’s appropriate to post a picture of yourself crying.

Ep 22: Fake Profile, Fake Booty, Fake News

We had possibly too much fun on this one. Episode 22 we talk about someone creating a fake profile using my picture and business name, fake personas everywhere in the (social) media, and how just about everything these days is “fake news.”

Ep 20: Social Dilemma

On our TWENTIETH episode (!!!), we talk about Charlie’s 29th birthday during the COVID/smoke quarantine, our thoughts on The Social Dilemma Netflix documentary, whether we view it responsible to bring a new life into the “new normal,” and much more.

Ep 19: Costco Confrontation

On our nineteenth episode we talk about confrontation & patience, tasks within relationships, possibly being pregnant, and much more!

Ep 18: I’m Horny

On this weeks episode we talk about a daily running challenge, career paths & fantasies, possibly trying to have our second baby, and more.

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Ep 16: Music Competitions

On our 16th episode, we discuss – Music Competitions! Specifically, we talk about American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor, The Masked Singer, Rhythm and Flow, and Songland. Is this genre as impactful as it used to be? Did any of these shows surprise or deserve more respect? How will these shows be effected by the pandemic? Let us know your favorites and your thoughts!

Ep 15: Dating Shows pt. 2

On Dating Shows Pt.2, we discuss the most recent episode of The Bachelor’s: Listen to your Heart. We also dive deep into the UK show, Love Island. Additionally, we question and consider the dark side to reality television.

Ep 14: Dating Shows pt. 1

The Ten Acre Wood presents… Media Talk! We decided to focus on a topic that we both love and laugh about together daily. Our first episode on media had to be reality dating shows! Why do we love to hate them so much!? 

We discuss the classics and our most recently viewed: Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, Listen to your Heart, The Bachelor, Love Island, Flirty Dancing, and Married at First Sight.

Ep 13: Cheap Comedy

On episode 13, we talk about the way people as well as businesses have responded to COVID-19. A pandemic seems to bring out the truth of human nature. What are the big lessons and how will this effect the longterm future?

Ep 12: You’re doing a great job!

We hope you are all staying home, staying safe and staying sane! On the twelfth episode, we talk about endless perceptions and the impact of positive feedback. We also look back on our smoker pasts, missed memories of working at Whole Foods, and embarrassing porn-watching tales.

Ep 11: Quarantine Realness

We’re here – we’re alive! We hope you are all hanging in there and staying safe during these unknown times. This week we talk a lot about what’s going on right now and how it has effected our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world.

Ep 10: Don't say that again

WARNING: Not for family listeners…!! On the tenth episode, we (of course) address some of the Coronavirus craziness. We also talk about stinky feet, queefs, bathroom habits… and then somehow segue into sex…? It’s an uncomfortable description, but hopefully a funny and relatable listen.

Ep 9: Time to Shine

Rise and Shine – it’s Spring Forward time! This week we talk about exciting purchases, when we discovered Santa wasn’t real, and how creepy our gym teachers were.

Ep 8: We’re NOT late!

On our eighth episode, we explain some of our personal struggles with doing the podcast at this stage, how parenthood has softened us, extremely awkward situations during millennial puberty, and our initial perceptions of one another.

Ep 7: Stories Interwoven

On this week’s episode, we confess a big parental fear, ask who gets to decide whether you’ve “made it,” and discuss why we call YouTubers our friends, making commercial parodies, and thinking back to music from the early 2000’s.

Ep 6: Therapeutic Fix

On this week’s episode we talk about false self-identifiers, building retention, lack of knowledge of the human body and consciousness, popular and corrupt industries, and if we would go to Mars.

Ep 5: Resolutions to Thrive

Episode 5 is live! This week we talk about our first year of marriage, the never-ending excuses, and how we plan to overcome them to fulfill our many 2020 resolutions! If you’re here, we love you and appreciate you being a part of our growth. Thank you!

Ep 3: What is Wrong with Me?

On our third episode, we discuss possible baby #2, questions of Deja Vu, plans always falling through, and our personal struggles with social media.

Ep 2: Montage of You

This week we talk about why we are doing this podcast, money and material envy, and the moments in life we have felt the most love.