Ep 38: Awkward Encounters

This weeks topics include socially awkward moments both in public and online. We also discuss thoughts following watching the several new docu-series “Q: Into the Storm”, Demi Lovato’s “Dancing with the Devil”, Mark Wahlberg’s “Wahl Street, and “American Hustle”. There seems to be a human pattern of going between dreaming, believing, and reality.

Toning my hair again… and getting a mullet?

My ends were turning yellow and I decided to tone my own hair again. The results were… surprising! I used Wella Color Permanent Liquid Hair Color Liquid 10A Palest Ash Blonde.

I also decided to try and get a modern mullet. Let’s see how that turns out!

Ep 34: Separating Art from the Artist

On episode 34, we discuss the HBO docu-series on the Woody Allen trial, the new sexual allegation​s against Deshaun Watson, and how these cases have provided us with a lot of questions regarding separating art from the artist. There’s a lot to unpack and look within.

Ep 30: The Afterlife, Vivid Dreams & Other Big Mysteries

It’s the 30th episode! We go from laughing about vivid pregnancy dreams to the big questions of life & what comes after it. Join in & let us know what you think. In the words of Joe Rogan, “It’s entirely possible!”

Ep 25: Enjoy the Journey, Avoid the Cults

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Ep 25: Enjoy the Journey, Avoid the Cult
On episode 25, we talk about our thoughts so far on the new docu-series, “The Vow,” regarding the NXIVM cult, other multi-level marketing communities, the cult-mentality as well as the vulnerable victims who join them. & of course much more!

Ep 24: Embarrassed for no Reason

Well… this isn’t our best episode, but this is real life. Listen as we fight through embarrassing feelings of inadequacy and social anxiety… even through the microphone.

Ep 23: Picture in a Picture

On the 23rd episode, we share the results of Charlie’s COVID test, how every corporation might as well be called a cult, and whether it’s appropriate to post a picture of yourself crying.

Ep 22: Fake Profile, Fake Booty, Fake News

We had possibly too much fun on this one. Episode 22 we talk about someone creating a fake profile using my picture and business name, fake personas everywhere in the (social) media, and how just about everything these days is “fake news.”

Ep 20: Social Dilemma

On our TWENTIETH episode (!!!), we talk about Charlie’s 29th birthday during the COVID/smoke quarantine, our thoughts on The Social Dilemma Netflix documentary, whether we view it responsible to bring a new life into the “new normal,” and much more.

Ep 18: I’m Horny

On this weeks episode we talk about a daily running challenge, career paths & fantasies, possibly trying to have our second baby, and more.

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Ep 13: Cheap Comedy

On episode 13, we talk about the way people as well as businesses have responded to COVID-19. A pandemic seems to bring out the truth of human nature. What are the big lessons and how will this effect the longterm future?

Ep 10: Don't say that again

WARNING: Not for family listeners…!! On the tenth episode, we (of course) address some of the Coronavirus craziness. We also talk about stinky feet, queefs, bathroom habits… and then somehow segue into sex…? It’s an uncomfortable description, but hopefully a funny and relatable listen.

Ep 8: We’re NOT late!

On our eighth episode, we explain some of our personal struggles with doing the podcast at this stage, how parenthood has softened us, extremely awkward situations during millennial puberty, and our initial perceptions of one another.

Let’s Discuss: Steering the Voices of Anger & Negativity

We all constantly have an internal dialogue going on in our minds, otherwise known as our thoughts. The reason I prefer the term “internal dialogue” is because I think it better describes the control we have over this voice. It’s hard to imagine that our identity is not our thoughts alone. How can we manageContinue reading “Let’s Discuss: Steering the Voices of Anger & Negativity”