Toning my hair again… and getting a mullet?

My ends were turning yellow and I decided to tone my own hair again. The results were… surprising! I used Wella Color Permanent Liquid Hair Color Liquid 10A Palest Ash Blonde.

I also decided to try and get a modern mullet. Let’s see how that turns out!

I Dyed My Natural Dark Blonde Hair Pink

I haven’t dyed my hair in years! And now – I can do whatever color I want! So, I decided to go crazy….. and do it MYSELF…. NEON PINK! BUT – I didn’t want to use bleach. My mother in law used Arctic Fox just that week and told me it was vegan and evenContinue reading “I Dyed My Natural Dark Blonde Hair Pink”

Face Moisturizer

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional. I am just a new mom experimenting with DIY projects and sharing my experiences along the way! Like most new moms…. I don’t have time for makeup! Also – I just don’t love wearing it anymore. My goal is to have clear enough skin that I feel confident enoughContinue reading “Face Moisturizer”