12k at the Ravenna Refresher

Charlie’s second race in the Winter Trail Series by Northwest Trail Runs. After the breakfast burrito fiasco at Whole Foods before the Carkeek Cooler, we decided to stay home and make egg sandwiches and ice coffee ourselves this time. Another necessary change was Charlie’s trail footwear, his Merrels were slipping on every wet surface and noContinue reading “12k at the Ravenna Refresher”

Issaquah, WA: Bullitt Fireplace Trail on Squak Mountain

Charlie and I worked with John where we first met at Whole Foods for two years. Not only that, but he also lived in our same neighborhood for two years! We bonded with John’s love for dogs, work ethic, and healthy lifestyle. Fast forward two years after changing jobs, homes, and even our lifestyles too,Continue reading “Issaquah, WA: Bullitt Fireplace Trail on Squak Mountain”

Seattle, Wa: Carkeek Park

I HIGHLY recommend going here for the first time during a sunset AND taking the trek to get there instead of parking straight to the bottom to fully enjoy this experience.