12k at the Ravenna Refresher

Charlie’s second race in the Winter Trail Series by Northwest Trail Runs. After the breakfast burrito fiasco at Whole Foods before the Carkeek Cooler, we decided to stay home and make egg sandwiches and ice coffee ourselves this time. Another necessary change was Charlie’s trail footwear, his Merrels were slipping on every wet surface and no one wants to see a 6’3″ tower fall down (except me)! We ran over to our only retail pitstop these days, Ascent Outdoors in Ballard, for Topo Athletics trail running shoes and Superfeet insoles to help provide collapse support. He also finally snagged a universal wristband for his phone at Fred Meyer! He had the gear, we were fed, it was 8 degrees higher than last race, we felt more than ready!

We arrived about an hour before the race was scheduled to start. The set up was about the same with tents of food and swag. We said hello to familiar faces working the booths, one of which owns a beautiful husky (which we had to pet)! Charlie took some layers off and warmed up while I curled up in said layers and started reading my book. Right before the clock starts, the crowd of racers suddenly arrive and joins tightly for directions. I made my way to the first corner ahead on the trail to take pictures. I am fairly new to photography and have been excited with the challenge of taking these action shots. Improvement doesn’t happen instantly!

Shortly after the race started, I noticed the owner of the husky looking upset and was walking away from the tents with her leash. I didn’t want to pry so continued to read and shoot photos. After a couple of the first racers made the first round, I walked a little past the first corner of the route to find an opening full of beautiful yellow leaves. Being unfamiliar with the trail, I decided to enjoy this spot and wait there to take the next round of pictures. Almost like deja vu from last race, Charlie passed with sweat, adrenaline and a wide smile while he threw his gloves and hat to me. I was loving this spot so much I decided to stay there and take in the leaves in, when suddenly the husky comes out of the woods and leaps around me in the grass in pure bliss. I spread out my arms and called for the husky who did happily seeming to know the drill. I brought the dog back to a very relieved owner and supporting friend.

Charlie’s goal was to the finish the race in under an hour which was his time for the Carkeek Cooler 10k. He finished the race in an hour, 11 minutes, and 3 seconds… SO close! However, he made his best pace of 4 minutes and 57 seconds per mile and his fastest 10k which was 58 minutes and 45 seconds. This was also his longest distance at one time, 7.41 miles. So he didn’t quite make the goal, but he made a ton of victories!


Likeness – 3/5

Difficulty – 2/5

Charlie’s Stats (Garmin Vivoactive HR):
1207 – Calories
748 ft. – Elevation Gain

1:11:03 – Time
9:57 – Average Pace
4:57 – Best Pace
169 bpm – Avg. Heart Rate
195 bpm – Max. Heart Rate
43% – Zone 5 Heart Rate
145 spm – Avg. Cadence
190 spm – Max. Cadence

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