Gold Bar, WA: Bridal Falls & Lake Serene

Both Charlie and I were practically jumping at the chance to go back to Gold Bar. We were working a lot of hours at this time and being outside was by far our new favorite release, especially since we had one day of the week to do it together for the entire day. I don’tContinue reading “Gold Bar, WA: Bridal Falls & Lake Serene”

Issaquah, WA: Bullitt Fireplace Trail on Squak Mountain

Charlie and I worked with John where we first met at Whole Foods for two years. Not only that, but he also lived in our same neighborhood for two years! We bonded with John’s love for dogs, work ethic, and healthy lifestyle. Fast forward two years after changing jobs, homes, and even our lifestyles too,Continue reading “Issaquah, WA: Bullitt Fireplace Trail on Squak Mountain”

Snoqualmie Pass, WA: Snow Lake

I had hiked Snow Lake with my dad, step mom, sister, and step brother a really long time ago as a child, and although I could not remember all the details, I still referred to it as my favorite hike to date. I just remember being exhausted and ill prepared wearing Goodwill jeans from theContinue reading “Snoqualmie Pass, WA: Snow Lake”

Gold Bar, Wa: Wallace Falls & Lake

Charlie had recently gone night hiking with a couple past coworkers of ours on Bandera Mountain, so we decided to go to one of their other recommended spots together in Gold Bar called Wallace Falls and Lake. Even though I am from the area, I had not even remembered the town of Gold Bar. NotContinue reading “Gold Bar, Wa: Wallace Falls & Lake”

Seattle, Wa: Carkeek Park

I HIGHLY recommend going here for the first time during a sunset AND taking the trek to get there instead of parking straight to the bottom to fully enjoy this experience.