Snoqualmie Pass, WA: Snow Lake

I had hiked Snow Lake with my dad, step mom, sister, and step brother a really long time ago as a child, and although I could not remember all the details, I still referred to it as my favorite hike to date. I just remember being exhausted and ill prepared wearing Goodwill jeans from the 80’s. Nothing mattered to me once the world suddenly opened up into this beautiful oasis. I think it was one of the first moments I realized how small I really was in this vast world.

Charlie invited his friend Erik from work to join us on our next hiking adventure. Without much time to plan, I thought it would be a good opportunity for the two of them to see this popular trail for the first time and for me to rekindle that childhood memory. I was excited to see if the impact would be as great this time.

We met with Erik at their job site and carpooled to the Roosevelt Whole Foods before heading to Snoqualmie. Never head to a hike unstuffed! After scarfing down breakfast burritos and sipping cold brews we were on our way. We made our destination by 9 am, forgetting how cold it would be on the mountain. After some layers were traded and adjusted, we hit the trail.

Even though it had been a long time since I had been on this trail last, I was surprised with the amount of energy I had now compared to how I remembered as a child. Maybe I was on a high from all the new activities I was adding to my life, but whatever it was, I felt great to be there again. Every so often I tried to see things through the eyes of myself there 15 years ago.

Not only is hiking a great time to self reflect, but I love the way it brings people, even with ones you are meeting for the first time, to talk about life. Although the three of us joked often, the conversation kept going back to health, family, and love.

If I am being honest, the impact of the alpine lake was not as huge the second time around. Don’t get me wrong, I was still blown away by the beauty of this crisp alpine lake, but I realized that this time coming up the mountain, I have seen and experienced a lot in 15 years. This time the journey was so much more than the scenery itself, it was about the bond the beauty created and how it inspired us to create beauty within ourselves.


Likeness – 4/5

Difficulty – 3/5


Page’s Stats: (Garmin Vivoactive HR)

7.06 miles – Distance

3:50:07 – Duration

1,693 ft. – Elevation Gain

1,064 – Calories

32:35, 2:39 – Avg, Best Pace

124, 189 bpm – Avg, Max Heart Rate


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