Let’s Discuss: Achieving your Goals for 2020

My 5 favorite ongoing steps for success & stepping out of your comfort zone. Please share with me your goals, experiences, and progress for 2020!

  • Working on your Mental Health
    • Self Awareness – you’re THE motivator & teacher for your life
    • Self Love – with relationships to anyone/thing, this comes first
    • What you put in & do with your body effects your output
  • Daily Check-Ins
    • No excuses on this, no matter what, check in with yourself
    • There’s power in numbers – share with your support system
  • No “Cheat Days”
    • You can ALWAYS do something, no matter how small, every day
    • Make a Plan – Set Reminders – adjust what’s not working
  • Just DO IT
    • No Excuses – that’s setting yourself up for failure
    • No Perfection – that’s just not going to happen, esp at first
    • No Limitatons & unreachable rules for yourself
    • Nothing important or impactful is easy or comfortable
  • Be True to Yourself
    • You’ll never please someone else otherwise
    • You’ll lose your momentum and your WHY

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